Elite Moments™ offers fantastic wedding photography services that will capture the joy and love of every couple’s special day. Our approach is to keep the energy high and have fun. When couples are enjoying the shoot, their true emotions are revealed through vibrant expressions and honest smiles, and that’s what Elite Moments™ professional photographers strive to capture.

We don’t just want to take pictures of your ceremony – anyone can do that – what our photographers truly take pride in is turning these photos into works of art.
The focus of our photos is the people and emotion in them – not the distractions in the background.
We are deeply inspired by fashion and art photography, and our unique approach turns the moments from your wedding day into photographic art that you will be proud to display in your home and cherish for the rest of your life.
Every photo is professionally retouched, getting rid of strange lighting, accidental red-eyes and even stray birds in the background that can distract from the beauty being captured.


  • Creativity and Imagination99%
  • Attention to Detail98%
  • Patience and Flexibility100%
  • Passion100%

Our Team


Elton Maguma


Shelton Maguma


Cynthia Maguma

Makeup Artist [MUA]


Our Clients

  • “The pre-wedding session was really beneficial. Both my husband and I were slightly nervous at first and Elton was great at getting us both to relax and enjoy the process.”

  • “Elton is AMAZING!  He is super easy going and low key.  Just the kind of person you want taking pictures of your wedding.”

  • “We were able to relive every important, and hilarious, moment of our wedding through the pictures that were taken by Elton and that means everything to us.”